About the Ranch

About The Ranch

Rudio Creek Ranch is a family-owned treasure that provides a balanced, natural environment for cattle to grow and thrive.  It is nestled in the foothills of the Rudio Mountains in Eastern Oregon, at the end of the line on a country road near the town of Kimberly.  Within its 6,200 acres lies everything from rolling hills to dramatic mountains to flat pasture land.  The Kreitzberg and Redding families take pride in their natural treasure and have worked tirelessly to preserve the integrity of the landscape.  The ranch is managed for cattle and for wildlife—two important components that co-exist with the natural features of the land.  The ranch has individual pastures to prevent overgrazing and to encourage cattle to move around freely.  In addition, Rudio Creek flows through the property year-round and feeds a 17-acre reservoir used for irrigation. The east side of the ranch is open sage and juniper country with rolling hills, native grasses, solar wells, and abundant springs.  The west side is mountainous and filled with abundant timber, tall grasses, and plenty of water.

Rudio Creek Ranch is an unassuming backdrop to a larger scene—filled with diverse landscapes, plentiful vegetation, and countless species of wildlife.  Our goal is to responsibly manage the land so our cattle and wildlife will enjoy a balanced ecosystem.  A healthy ranch produces nutritious forages and ground cover for the wildlife that make Rudio Creek Ranch their home.  While naturally providing plenty of food for our livestock, we also respect the native forages found on the ranch.  In fact, we strive to improve the diverse ecosystems that we are so fortunate to enjoy.  As our cattle forage freely, they also offer the benefit of natural fire reduction; they rid the ranch of old forages so new grass can grow.  This ultimately attracts more wildlife and encourages abundant and healthy forages.  Our cattle, then, are a necessary tool for a balanced, thriving, and productive ecosystem.

We at Rudio Creek Ranch strive to demonstrate ethical, responsible, and respectful cattle husbandry practices. Cattle live, breed, and mature on the land without limitations or confined boundaries.  The lush grasses and alfalfa grown on the ranch nourish them as nature intended.  We treat the cattle gently and lovingly, and by doing so, we find that the cattle reward us with their best production abilities.  It’s a simple concept but one that takes time and an unwavering commitment to our beliefs. The families of Rudio Creek Ranch have committed themselves to producing natural, high-quality beef, raised on the ranch that they love.   They are proud of their land, their cattle, and their efforts to preserve this treasure for generations to come.